Established since 1997, KS Aquaculture is an integrated marine aquaculture specialist, providing egg and fish fry procurement, hatchery, fry and juvenile fish rearing for mass marketing as well as transportation of fish products throughout the region.

Today, there are approximately 29 caged fishery projects in Pulau Ketam, Selangor involving a total of 7,515 cages and measuring a total area of 128,506 sq metres. KS Aquaculture is the biggest establishment in the industry, operating over 4,000 cages representing around 50% of the current total cages in Pulau Ketam. We also operate 10 of the caged fishery projects registered in Pulau Ketam, compared to the other establishments with an average of 2 projects.


We first commenced business in 1986, where we were mainly involved in fishing and with a few small fish farms with separate small holders. With the growing demand of our services, we underwent a consolidation exercise to join these small farm holders together, forming KS Aquaculture.

And over the years, we have grown substantially to be an integrated marine aquaculture specialist. We basically provide quality services in egg/ fish fry procurement, hatchery, fry and juvenile rearing to mass marketing and transportation of fish products.

Our products encompass a variety of high-value consumer fish such as:

Our fish products are supplied to the local markets of Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Johor, whilst a large portion of our annual output is exported to China, Hong Kong and Singapore.



Sea Cage Farm



Warehousing and Processing


To become the leading company in breeding, hatching and rearing marine fishes in the region.


We endeavor to expand the current product lines for various species of fish offered in the market.

We also emphasis on quality and enhance networking with and servicing of our valued end customers.

We strive to continuously create a platform that recognizes brand loyalty amongst our repeat customers.


At KS Aquaculture, we practice the following values at all levels of our establishment. Hence, we align how we think or act and engineer our organisation around satisfying our valued customers:-

Focus and simplicity in delivering, is key. We believe to be very successful we must focus to simply do what we say we will do - on time, and within budget, every time.

We believe in being led by results, not by sales or marketing led. Firmly upholding customer satisfaction as our key performance indicator, we believe that this satisfaction leads to demand.

We believe in commitment to every customer's need and wants, and to build trust and personal responsibility in all relationships.

We believe that continuous improvement and innovation in our business processes. We endeavor to stay ahead and to deliver the best to all our customers.